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Get Product Information From Web Service

Get Product Information From Web Service



I would like to setup my store so that visitors can use my site to look up product pricing from multiple vendors. The vendors provide product information via a web service that they maintain and i would like to pull that information and display pricing from multiple vendors on my magento site.




Vendor 1, Vendor 2 and Vendor 3 all sell a particular item, and all have different pricing.


When a visitor to my site search for the product, i would like to show the product three times, from the three different vendors, with the vendor pricing:


Search for "Product A" would show...

Vendor 1: Product A - $10.00

Vendor 2: Product A - $12.00

Vendor 3: Product A - $12.50


The customer would be able to select "Product A" from the vendor who offers the best price.



How would I go about that? are there extensions that would make this sort of thing easier or is this something custom that would have to be written?