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Manipulating Header Format for Mobile iPad Version

Manipulating Header Format for Mobile iPad Version

So we are working on our new site ( and I am trying to fix the header format on iPads to look the same as mobile. I have been having a hard time finding any CSS for just the header to manipulate this. I found the css for the entire site but not sure if I should be fiddling around with it. 


the path is this:


for the mobile sites. 

The @Media settings for iPad should look the same as those for a max width all the way up to 1050px. At least that's what I'd like to try for and see if that fixes what I am trying to do. 


Anyone have any better idea of where to manipulate the code?

I'm scared to mess around any in this unless I have to, as this isn't a super pressing issue and I don't want to mess anything else up.