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Own module for Magento 2.4

Own module for Magento 2.4

Hi to all.


I get tired of my first module for Magento 2. It is supposed to add additional, paid assembly options. The plan is this:

1. Configuring the module settings (minimum cost, categories) - I have it done.

2. Import api from external options and costs - that's what I got done

3. Update (from an external api)

4. Adding information under the admin that the product has such an option or not.

5. On the store's side, show additional variants in the product card

6. Make it possible to purchase these variants

7. Add to cart

8. Make a summary after purchase

I suffer from the third point inclusive. Point 3 is in the admin / system_config / edit / section / montarz / tab, next to one of the inputs, I would like to make a "refresh" button and just to refresh this section. Point 4, I am considering whether to programmatically add such an attribute to the product or mark the link in the module's database? I don't know which is better. The remaining points are vague, I have an idea how to do it. So far I have been working on PrestaShop but this is completely different Smiley Sad

I will be grateful for any tips on how to move on with this module.

And thank you in advance.