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Payment Gateway compatibility

Payment Gateway compatibility

Hi Guys,


We have integrated a custom payment gateway over the years and there always seems to be compatibility issues between versions/updates of Magento. Which made us slow down on development cycles. I know the platform had been rapidly changing over the years which could be the main reason.


Does anyone know if the core checkout/payment side of Magento has stabilised a little more in terms of compatibility between updates?



Re: Payment Gateway compatibility

Magento is known for its frequent updates and changes, which can sometimes cause compatibility issues with custom integrations such as payment gateways. However, with each new version of Magento, the platform strives to maintain backwards compatibility and minimize the impact on custom integrations.

That being said, it is always recommended to thoroughly test any custom integrations after upgrading to a new version of Magento to ensure compatibility. It is also important to keep in mind that Magento is a complex platform with many moving parts, so even small changes can have unintended consequences.

In general, it is best practice to work closely with a Magento development team that has experience with custom integrations to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade process. By following best practices and keeping up with the latest updates and patches, it is possible to maintain a stable and reliable checkout/payment system on Magento.