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Problems with the Magento Contributor Assistant

Problems with the Magento Contributor Assistant

I'm working on a bug report and it wants me to verify the bug against a vanilla instance, so I used the Magento Contributor Assistant as instructed:


@Magento-engcom-team give me 2.2.6 instance


It gave me an instance. I created a simple product, flushed the cache, and then attempted to add the product to the cart. It got stuck on Adding.., and looking at the network log, it seems to be because of a redirect.


I can't even attempt to verify the bug I'm reporting because I can't even add a product to cart on the provided instance! 


Are there additional steps that I need to take after requesting the instance to make it usable? Are the instances configured correctly? I also noticed that immediately after logging into the instance it tells me the indexers are invalid.