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Persistent customer billing info

Persistent customer billing info

Hi, I need to add a custom filed into billing address and save to my address in the account. I already create the field and it shows in checkout, but the value is not saved. When I check into my address in my account, this field doesnt show over there. How can I add a billing address field and save it in my address.




Re: Persistent customer billing info

Hi @jhoyosl


i understand the problem you are facing !


Below i am sharing two very good articles link ,which helps you to accomplish the functionality which you are trying to achieve.


Follow the exact steps and it will worked !


Hope it helps.

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Re: Persistent customer billing info

Hello @jhoyosl,


On which version do you want to add field on it? Magento 1 or Magento 2?


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Re: Persistent customer billing info

Im working on Magento ver. 2.2.3-dev.



Re: Persistent customer billing info

Hi thx for the liinks. I add the fields on shipping address and billing address and also I created as requeried, but I have 2 issues.


1. If the user already has an address, the field is not required for this user unless he/she creates a new one, in this case the field is mandatory and dont let you continue to your payment information. I were wondering how can I solve this, maybe I can force the user to create a new address or how can I make user edit his shipping address to force to fill this value.


2. When the user create a new address in shipping information, you can pass to payment information, If you try to place the order, a require message for the new field is show even if I create a new address for billing information. Checking "Shipping address same as billiing address" doesnt solve this problem, 


Thx for the help