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Sort by % Off

Sort by % Off

Hi everyone !


I want to sort by % Off like below imageScreenshot from 2018-10-18 14-27-35.png




and here is my code 

->where('ROUND(((price_index.price - price_index.final_price)/price_index.price)*100,0)')
->order('ROUND(((price_index.price - price_index.final_price)/price_index.price)*100,0) DESC');
but my code not working Smiley Sad i'm new one working on magento 2. Can you help me to fix my code or guide me to shows right order ? Thanks

Re: Sort by % Off

I think Magento can only filter via attributes. Create an custom attribute called "discount" and activate the option sortable and calculate the % automatically if you save theproduct. 


After that you can sort in the frontend with the default magento engine.

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Re: Sort by % Off

Hello @BinhXuanNguyen


You need to rewrite magento files,
1. add your new options to default magento filter.
2. Add your logic to product collection file which create collection for page.

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