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USPS shipping method title

USPS shipping method title

Can anyone point me to where I can remove the time frame from the USPS rates?


For example, right now it reads "Priority Mail 1-Day Medium Flat Rate Box" where the 1-Day changes to 3-Day if shipping across the country. However, my client wants to remove that time frame so that the method would read "Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box" no matter where it's being shipped.


Re: USPS shipping method title

I'm not sure if this forum brings things back to the top, but I'd like to see this as well, as the current "time frames" given are completely false.

Re: USPS shipping method title



I am having the same issue. I would like to change a hand full of titles to something more meaningful.

Ie.. Change "Priority Mail 1-Day" to  "Priority Mail 1-3 Days" or for that matter change it to "Scooby Doo" or what ever the client wants. I can NOT find the file where these titles are pulled from.


Any help would be greatly appreciated



Re: USPS shipping method title


You can achieve this by overriding file vendor/magento/module-usps/Model/Carrier.php

 and then comment
$serviceCodeToActualNameMap[$serviceCode] = $serviceName; 
in line 573 and 592
This will solve your problem and that time frame will not be visible anymore.