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Which Module and Class Handle Email Sending Process

Which Module and Class Handle Email Sending Process

Hello Everyone,     

           I need to create Inbox tab in customer account page, purpose is to the customer see our messages also our site account, what admin sent.(based on g-mail).

 so, I need to get the Email content , which admin sent to customer(for example customer order something then admin sent to customer , this product ordered and details) then, store to Database, if i stored data base then, I need to show customer the inbox page easy to design my code.

But, My problem is I am New  to  magento  and Magento 2, I started with maganto 2,

So, I don't know, what are the  module to handle sending email process? and Which Class Also? , then , only I get the Email Content Object then stored to Database.

Suggest me which way to achieve solution,  also send me which Module and class.

I try to get email content to a file, but No luck,  see this link I posted also magento forum