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export products to XML feed

export products to XML feed


What is the best extension for a XML-feed exported every X hours?

We need it to allow our partners to import all product with prices, pix, descriptions etc. from a hard coded URL.



Re: export products to XML feed

Magento community is dead? Smiley Sad

Re: export products to XML feed

Looking for the same thing myself! It would be great if someone finds a solution to this common question.


My solution was to hard code a converter from the XML file and convert it myself to csv.

I did that in python. Once I convert the XML in csv, I use magmi to load/update the product.


I am still in the experimental phase of my converter but it seems to work until now.


Also included in my "experimental" converter:

   1. Find keyword automatically and include them in the meta-keyword section

   2. Extract the meta-description from an AI API automatically

   3. Adjust prices as needed automatically.

   4. Extract the categories and add them automatically.