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2 problems with Hubspot integration for newsletter

2 problems with Hubspot integration for newsletter

I'm running into a couple issues with HubSpot for email newsletters. Am waiting on replies from them, but evidently it could take a while since its been several days.


First issue is that I used their app to sync Magento & HubSpot. My customers are synced, but my newsletter subscribers are not. When someone signs up for my newsletter it just goes to Magento & not to HubSpot. Any ideas why this would be?


The second is that it seems that I cannot add the HubSpot tracking code to my site. I followed their instructions and added the code to the HTML header, but it isn't connecting the 2 sites. I went through their troubleshooting document & the nearest I can tell is that when I inspect the code its getting blocked somehow.


I'm really not familiar enough with Javascript to do more than what I did (paste the code in the HTML header then follow the document). Am also a total newbie to Magento too, which doesn't help.


Could this be an issue either with my Magento install or hosting somehow? I don't know enough to know if that's part of the issue, so I'm a bit unsure about who to ask for help from.


Am working in Magento 2.4 Open Souce.