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404 errors - Product sites

404 errors - Product sites


in our store (clothing) thousands of 404 error pages/blank URLs have accumulated over the years. These are - as expected - mainly filter pages and URLs of no longer existing products.
My question is: how do I get these URLs out of the search results? Probably, the best way to solve the filter page problem is to use robots-meta-tag.

But what about the old product URLs respectively pages with the products removed from the range - setting 10 000 such pages to "noindex" or redirect them to the home page manually / by hand?

Since it would be a task of weeks or months - perhaps there are other alternatives/ways...

Thx and kind regards.



Re: 404 errors - Product sites

Hi @bjoernschnc01f,


Can you try this one in your google search console?

If you got solved with this, then give kudos and accept as solution 

Best regards

Re: 404 errors - Product sites

Thanks for your response.


The thing is: I want to remove the sites with the old products permanently, not only for some months ("block URL for about six moths").


Another solution could be: 301-redirects to homepage, what do mean?