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Add Product Page loading forever 2.1.3

Add Product Page loading forever 2.1.3

Hello, We are having an issue with our Magento2 2.1.3 fresh install.


The problem is when we goto 'Products' then 'Catalog' and then click 'Add Product' button the page just keeps loading with the spinner icon and it will not load any further.


Magento version is 2.1.3 and its a fresh install on a VPS 4GB hosting plan which is supposed to be Magento2 ready and friendly.


Really confused as to what is happening and my host provider said this is a bug and is out of the scope of there support service.


Please could I get some help with this:

I have gone through the usual clearing Magento2 cache, clearing browser cache, static content deploy, compile ect... Nothing is working. :-(


*When I open the browser console I can see some error but I am not technically knowledgeable enough to understand what it means, So I have added a screenshot below.


I would really appreciate any help with this! :-)