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Categories products not shown

Categories products not shown

My name is Rudy and this is the first time I write to this forum.

I have recently migrated a Magento 1 shop to Magento 2,using the provided migration solution.

All products and configurations  has been migrated successfully  : visibility and stocks are configured properly and with Luma theme I have no problem, so data integrity should be ok.

I have also bought a theme ( I don't know if I can write down the name here ) and there is no way to be able to see any product when displaying categories; if I switch back to Luma everything works fine again: what can cause this behavior? I know that is a third part theme issue, but since they did not reply to my issue reports , I need to dig into their code to check what happens: since I am beginner on Magento 2 framework is there anyone who may give me some hints to start the fight ? Thank you all




Re: Categories products not shown

Hi @rudys1976,


As you said this seems to be an issue with your theme.

You should start by enabling developer mode and then check your webserver error log. Also exception.log, system.log and debug.log files fom Magento (located on var/log as usual).