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Adding new product - openVideoModal error

Adding new product - openVideoModal error

When simply trying to add a new product, I see the new product page load with the Magento loading spinner overlaying the page keeping me from editing anything. It stays like this forever. When I open up developer tools, select Console, it shows me the information pasted below. Any help would be appreciated.


require.js:1895 GET

req.load @ require.js:1895
load require.js:1639
load @ require.js:820
fetch @ require.js:810
check @ require.js:840
enable @ require.js:1143
enable @ require.js:1511
(anonymous function) @ require.js:1128
(anonymous function) @ require.js:132
each @ require.js:57
enable @ require.js:1090
init @ require.js:774
(anonymous function) @ require.js:1416

Uncaught Error: Script error for: openVideoModal(…)
makeError @ require.js:166
onScriptError @ require.js:1681