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Apple Safari blocks Braintree sales from processing

Apple Safari blocks Braintree sales from processing

hi all i hope you may be able to help here 



this only happens on safari web browsers IOS devices are fine


on my magento 2 site the Braintree sandbox works fine, the braintree live does not work, below is what braintree have to say....



I dug deeper into our server logs for the your Braintree payment gateway, and it appears your Magento integration is successfully routing your RBS Visa card through verify3DS​ for the purpose of creating new payment method nonces that carry 3D Secure authentication data. It also appears these nonces aren't then being routed through subsequent Braintree_Transaction::sale()​ API calls:

Sep 12 12:03:43 UTC {"paymentMethod":{"type":"CreditCard","nonce":"0946e598-2453-0bbe-53a3-ffbd5fbde466","description":"ending in 88","consumed":false,"threeDSecureInfo":{"status":"lookup_enrolled","enrolled":"Y"},"details":{"lastTwo":"88","cardType":"Visa"},"binData":{"prepaid":"No","healthcare":"No","debit":"Yes","durbinRegulated":"No","commercial":"Yes","payroll":"No","issuingBank":"The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC","countryOfIssuance":"GBR","productId":"G"}} [...]
Sep 12 16:02:02 UTC Deleting nonce: public_id: "0946e598-2453-0bbe-53a3-ffbd5fbde466", consumed_at: nil, created_at: "2017-09-12 12:03:42" [...]

You should notice in the above parameters that the nonce created yesterday using your RBS Visa card was created a 16:02 UTC, then deleted later on (nonces are deleted when not consumed). Unfortunately, since Magento's core payment module was developed by them, next steps include you seeking the direct assistance of Magento in best determining as to why your 3D Secure-authenticated nonces aren't being consumed.



Magento 2.1.7




Re: braintree 3ds nonces aren't being routed through subsequent Braintree_Transaction::sale()​ API

it has just been pointed out to me that this only occurs in SAFARI