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Braintree 'Error occurred on server' in 2.1

Braintree 'Error occurred on server' in 2.1

I set up our braintree account a couple of weeks ago, and are approved to begin transactions.  I've followed all of the steps in the Magento user guide.  I'm trying to do a test purchase, though whenever I try to submit the payment, I get an error "An error occurred on the server. Please try to place the order again."


In the error.log I get the following:

[2017-09-12 17:40:47] main.CRITICAL: Broken reference: No element found with ID 'checkout.header.wrapper'. [] []
[2017-09-12 17:42:33] main.CRITICAL: Braintree error response. [] []
[2017-09-12 17:42:33] main.CRITICAL: Wrong transaction status [] []



 - Ubuntu 16.04

 - Apache 2.4

 - Mysql 5.7

 - PHP 7

 - Magento 2.1.8


I've searched and searched for an answer, and tried implementing some solutions, though the error is still occurring, what can I do next?


Thanks in Advance!