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Braintree issues with 2.4.5?

Braintree issues with 2.4.5?

Hi all, I could really do with a bit of advice on this one.

I'm using Braintree for Card, Paypal and Google Pay payments but having many issues as follows:

1. Paypal - When selected it attempts to open the Paypal login window and shuts it immediately. It happenes immediately so I can't even test it?

2. Card Payments - I tried all my credit and debit cards but only one works? Seems very sensitive?

3. Google Pay - I have registsered to GPay, generated the Merchant ID and set up both Magento and Braintree accordingly. When a sale is attempted is just says "This merchant is not enabled for GPay"? This is clearly a config error but I can't see anything wrong?


I reached out to Braintree technical support but after a quick check they said they are not responsible for this extension so I'm kinda stuck.


Any advice or help would be greatly welcomed, thank you.