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CSV import issue

CSV import issue

Hi all - 


I've had a quick scan around this forum and on Google for some help but I'm struggling a little. I've setup a new website, got my theme up and running and added via the admin a single product. All good, very happy.

I've then exported my catalog of products resulting a single-line CSV, DELETED that line and added another line and re-imported. Was hoping to now have two products, but import fails every time with 'URL Key already exists'. Doesn't seem to matter if I have one product in my CSV or 100, if it's a fresh creation and I choose the replace option or I'm adding additional products. I can't get anything to go in the database, ever. I appear to have my categories spelt correctly, I certainly have unique URL keys (I've even tried leaving the field blank). Fails every time. Hoping desperately not to have to key in 2500 products one at a time! 

Oh yeah, I'm running Magento 2.02.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm a 20+ year Microsoft developer, I know Windows, ASP.Net and SQL Server inside out but I'm a complete newbie with Unix / MySQL / PHP, this is my first attempt with Magento and I'm feeling very lost and confused!


Thanks in advance



Re: CSV import issue

Please publish your problem CSV file.

Re: CSV import issue

OK it's here. Thanks.

Re: CSV import issue

Is the URL key "outdoor-ss-wall-light" really exist in the Magento 2 database before the problem import?

Re: CSV import issue

It doesn't exist, no. It's a brand new key. When doing the import I've selected Add/Update as I'm trying to add new products.

I have tried all sorts of things in that field, it doesn't matter what I put in there. It can be in use already or not. All I ever get is the following:


General system exception happened 

Additional data: URL key for specified store already exists.