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Calatog Price Rule and 2.1

Calatog Price Rule and 2.1


I am trying to make a catalog price rule work for bundled products.


We have sets.


A table and 4 chairs is a set and it is created as a bundled product. At the product level I can give it a set discount for the bundle  to give people an incentive to buy the bundle all at once. So I can say that the actual price is $2000 but the 6% discount makes it 1880.


SOMETIMES We discount the WHOLE bundle - but not the components individually.  That means the chairs may not be on sale. The table may not be on sale - but the bundle product of the table and chair set is on sale.


Every week we have many items on sale and some of them are these kinds of bundles.


I can put individual items on sale by creating a catalog price rule that says if product is assigned to category Sale10 - give it a 10% discount.


But I cannot seem to do it for a bundled product.  If I put a bundled product in the Sale10 category it does nothing. I dont get any dropdowns or menu items to say discount the associated products.


Is this possible?


What am I doing wrong?