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Fields Broken in "Add a Product"

Fields Broken in "Add a Product"

Hello Everyone.. Having a strange issue.  When I go to add a product the attributes set field and the categories fields are broken.  Now when I first game across this I figured some corrupt code.. I cleared out all cache and that didn't work so I actually went as far as deleting the var and static folders and redeploying.. Now that worked.  redeploying fixed the issue but after a couple days went to add another product and they are broken again.   Don't know what it could be.


Ubuntu 16.04

managed by severpilot

connected to cloudflare

Magento 2.1.0

php 7

mysql 5.7


apache 2.4


This is what happens in the attributes set.. nothing is clickable.

Add a Product01.PNG



Now this is what is going on in the categories set..  The drop down bar is missing and if you click on new category it shows a blank page.

Add a Product02.PNG


This is becoming a problem for me.. I can't redeploy every time I need to add a product..  Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Fields Broken in "Add a Product"

So I figrued out that it was cloudflare doing it..  Don't understand it cause I made a page rule in cloudflar to turn off all caching and security for my admin page..  I found out cause my add to cart was broken as well.. pausing cloudflare fixes both issues after about 10 minutes..   Very strange.. Now I just have to figure out what cloudflare is doing to cause this.. cause if the admin page should not be running cloudflares caching or security so it must be something else..