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Hi there,

Im gonna need a small help from you guys, im new to magento and currently experiencing very slow website performance.

You can try clicking link above every single action is delayed for almost 2 seconds.

Same in CPanel, every time i call an action it takes good   2 - 3 seconds to swtich between pages.


I ran SEO analyzer, did most of the upgrades like Defer Javascript, resized images, but no performance improvement at all.

Java script files are way too big and too many. No idea which ones can be removed without effecting  the website.
you can see the seo analyzer result on the bottom of the page. 

Can anyone help me out with this how to make perform this website better please?

I contacted hosting support and was told server runs perfectly.

Does javascript and image impact admin panel performance or is it server ?

Any help would be  highly appreciated.


Thank you 


JAvascript Magento