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Can not re-order "Customizable Options" on "Simple Products"

Can not re-order "Customizable Options" on "Simple Products"

I recently upgraded from Magento 2.3.x to 2.4.5 CE but have encountered an issue after the update.


I can no longer drag to sort the "Customizable Options" section when creating or editing a "Simple Product". The Option groups themselves (top level) are not draggable to re-order (they use to be), the Group I select to drag just freezes in place. However if I open a group I can click and drag to re-order any of the items in the group just fine. I'll add an animated Gif to show what I mean. There are no errors on the console for this either so hard to troubleshoot.


Any suggestion on a solution or where to look would be awesome, thanks.


TLDR; I am unable to drag the "Customizable Options" groups to re-order them, if I open a group I can drag and reorder the individual options in the group just fine. 


2022-12-03_07-33-53 (1).gif