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Can't create new store view (memory exhausted even at 2GB)

Can't create new store view (memory exhausted even at 2GB)

I'm new to magento, using Magento 2.2.2. I'm running on some pretty massive dedicated hardware, so resources aren't an issue for me. However, I just can't seem to get a new store view created without hitting an error.


I've removed any timeouts from apache/php for the purpose of testing.

I've loaded 20K SKUs (and about 200 categories) - however no images. just product data and attributes.

I have around 80 custom attributes.

As of right now with just the default store & view, the DB is about 230MB.


When I try to create a new store (no problems at this point) - I can not create the new store view without hitting memory_limit. 


So far, I've tried allocating 2GB while generating the new store view, and the script is still hitting the memory_limit after about 8-10 minutes of script run time. Is magento really that much of a resource hog that with 2GB memory limit I still can't create a new store view on a database with 20K SKUs in it?


Is there something else I can try? In the end, I'm going to have around 100K SKUs, and will need to create a dozen or more stores (and views).  Is it really impossible to create new store views once your product data is in there?


Can anyone with experience give me any kind of point of reference such as "for every X products - you need XGB memory_limit while creating a new store view".


Or is there some other way to create store views other than the admin web interface that won't struggle as much?  


Thank you for any advice/tips you can provide. (banging head on desk over here)




Re: Can't create new store view (memory exhausted even at 2GB)

i am also facing the same issue.

Re: Can't create new store view (memory exhausted even at 2GB)

Hello @h2ojunkie 

I think should create store view via command line.

Here are more info. 


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Thank you
Anant Prajapati
Magento Certified Developer