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Constant reindex all

Constant reindex all



my site has 10.000 categories and 100.000 products. 
i have scheduled cron so reindex all should run at Night during low traffic hours.


the problem is that the reindex all runs constantly during the Day also. This makes the site really slow and also flushes cache. I cannot find out what is triggering the reindex all, but i Think i have narrowed it Down to when my collegues start deleting/editing categories and products.

if my collegues do not work on categories, the reindex all does not Seem to start.


can anyone help me solve this issue or at least point me in the right direction? 


we are using Magento 2.4.4


Re: Constant reindex all

Hi @kambizjams0e43 ,


In this case you can navigate to System => Tools => Index Management.

Check all indexes and click on Actions dropdown from and select Update by schedule and click on Submit.


Problem Solved? Accept as solution!


Hope it helps!


Ankit Jasani

Re: Constant reindex all

You're not supposed to schedule reindex all. It is a very database-heavy operation and it must be run only in very rare cases like migrating website to another server.


The standard Magento cron job will do delta reindexing for you.