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Way too High ttfb. 20+ sec

Way too High ttfb. 20+ sec 


Hi, the ttfb for my site is 20+ sec when the pages are not cached.

can anyone see what is wrong? 


Re: Way too High ttfb. 20+ sec

Hi @kambizjams0e43 ,


  1. Integrate Varnish and CDN will help you in this case.
  2. Also, I can see several third part JS and CSS which you can preload.
  3. Integrate baler-m2
  4. Don't forgot to follow default Magento's speed optimization steps.

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Hope it helps!


Ankit Jasani

Re: Way too High ttfb. 20+ sec

Could you provide more information about your server setup?


The `x-cache-age` in the response indicates either not using Varnish for Full Page Cache, or heavily customizing the default VCL for unknown purposes.


A slow uncached request may indicate anything from a problem with the hardware to non-optimal configuration that doesn't make use of all available resources.


I would first check the disk performance is adequate. You can run a test with the dd program to see if the hosting provider actually provides what they claimed.


I noticed some pages linked from the front page are uncached. It means either of two things: updating pages too often and during development it happens a lot that the cache is cleared (it takes a lot of time to rebuild), or the cache storage limit is configured in a way that it is not enough for storing all cache, and it has to evict some entries for storing the new ones.

Re: Way too High ttfb. 20+ sec

Hi, we are using varnish for full page cache. But the problem is that some module/code is purging varnish cache constantly and we cannot find out what module/code is doing this..


on top of this a reindex all is constantly running, and i dont know why. We are using partial indexing, so the reindex all should be running at nighttime during low traffic hours, but for some reason it is triggered during the Day… Smiley Sad

Re: Way too High ttfb. 20+ sec

There are third party modules that can detect and log purges of cache.