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Cron jobs setted, reindex is still required

Cron jobs setted, reindex is still required



I set mine cronjobs for user which is file owner.

This is my setup.


* * * * * /opt/plesk/php/5.6/bin/php /var/www/vhosts/ cron:run | grep -v "Ran jobs by schedule" >> /var/www/vhosts/
* * * * * /opt/plesk/php/5.6/bin/php /var/www/vhosts/ >> /var/www/vhosts/
* * * * * /opt/plesk/php/5.6/bin/php /var/www/vhosts/ setup:cron:run >> /var/www/vhosts/

I also tried with */1 to set for each minute, but situation is the same.

In cron logs, I see that those 3 crons runned every minute, but also I see in admin panel that reindex is still required.

I can reindex it with

/opt/plesk/php/5.6/bin/php magento indexer:reindex

but I want that Magento do that automaticly.


In cron_schedule table I have about 48 records, but only one record with indexing.


And there is written that cron is finished at 12:00:02, but in admin panel is this situation



You can see that all indexes are reindex yesterday at 3:10:48 PM, I did that manually from terminal, but I'm confused with "Catalog Rule Product", it shows like it executed last night at 1:00:01


Can you help me with any suggestion?


Re: Cron jobs setted, reindex is still required

do anyone have any idea?



Last night I see that update time for this problematic "Catalog Rule Product" is updated.

Now it is again about 1h after midnight, but still need to reindex.

What means that coloumn "Updated"?