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Custom csv import to table catalog_product_index_price

Custom csv import to table catalog_product_index_price

Hello all! 

I made a custom import to fill the catalog_product_index_price table, right now this table contains all the products but it has the min_price column set with 0 for all the products, I need this column because the default Magento Price Sort By use the min_price for sorting.

When I import an csv with some product and the min_price information, the catalog_product_index_price update this product with the information in the csv I imported but like a 1 minute after I import that csv, the table set again that price in 0. 

I dont know what is going on, my import is fine but for some reason the table set the min_price in 0 again. 

NOTE: If I manually do an update to the table directly from the database, the exact same thing happens, the update is done correctly and after a few minutes the min_price is reset to 0.