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Customizable Options

Customizable Options



on magento 2 when adding Customizable Options i get price error. 


i have the following congig:

Base Currency: EURO

Default Display Currency: Romanian New Leu


without any Customizable Options the price is calculated ok with the existing exchange rates

when adding Customizable Options the price is calculated 2 times with the existing exchange rates.



No Customizable Options: 

price EURO: 48.00

price RON: 220.84


with Customizable Options configured

price EURO: 48.00

price RON: 1016.04


exchange rate is EURO - RON : 1 - 4.6008


220.84 x 4.6008 = 1016.040672


I guess there is a bug somewhere when adding Customizable Options the price allready calculated once with the existing exchange rate somehow is calculated again with the same exchange rate. Only when Customizable Options configured.