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Default mobile theme display issue

Default mobile theme display issue

When I view my store in a mobile browser, for some reason it puts some page numbering text that should be lower on the page from a content block up at the head of the page behind my logo and the menu tab.  See photo for what I'm talking about. 


This is in Mage 2.1.8, default theme, no front end plugins at all.   Can someone walk me through how to get this text to be displayed where it's supposed to be?


Site is to see for yourself.






Re: Default mobile theme display issue

This seems like a Magento theme bug where it didn't expec there to be a toolbar shown on a CMS page. 


The code causing the issue can be seen here attached. 


This can be found in Magento's source:


It looks like a similar problem had previously been found, reported to GitHub and fixed: 


I would recommend submitting a similar bug report on GitHub to the Magento team. 

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