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Duplicate items in stock, price and listing feeds

Duplicate items in stock, price and listing feeds

Hi all,

I've been searching for cases like mine, but I didn't find, so I have to start a topic.

My client use our company(I'll call us X) to move part of their inventory from Magento to other platform(this is only for eBay and Amazon. Their Main store stays in magento and won't be moved).So we need to transfer the information. Their Magento has been made from other company(let's call them Y),who set many restrictions. The case is next - X recieve every day feeds from Magento for stock,price and listing feeds,which are designed from the Y. Every single feed is with duplicated simples(and simples childs),every time - different count(1 item counts once, next time- twice,next-five times...). The version of Magento is part of duplicated items (they are almost every time same)have more than 1 image in the Catalog, but not all.So I have to exclude this option.In Manage Feeds>>View Feed Error Log we've got a lot messages like this one:"Feed collection SQL (56): SELECT DISTINCT 1 AS `status`, `e`.`entity_id`, `e`.`type_id`, `e`.`attribute_set_id`, `e`.`sku`, `e`.`description`, `e`.`url_key`, `e`.`name`, `e`.`price`, `e`.`gender`, `e`.`color_primary`, `e`.`special_price`, `e`.`sku...".I guess this has to remove duplicate items.The last thing I checked is System>>Cache Management>Page Cache (is set Disable). Does someone has an idea or case, what other can I check, or what is possible to be the problem to generate these duplicates,cause Y denied to supports us?

Thanks in advance!!!