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Products disappearing after indexing

Products disappearing after indexing



I have some trouble with imported products and layered navigation.

I have imported 7500 products and everything seemed to go as planned.category-structure.jpg

Here you can see the category structure.
Each product has only 1 category and I've set 'is_anchor' on all categories. 'Manage stock' has been set to false and 'Show out of stock products' has been set to true.

Cache has been cleaned multiple times, the system has been re-indexed many times as well.

So you would expect to see 7510 products when you look at he "Onderdelen" category in the frontend. And all direct child categories to be listed in the sidebar.







What I actually saw were 500 products and 3 child categories listed in the layered navigation.frontend-category-1.jpg


So here the layered navigation only shows 500 products total and says the category "Chassis Bumpers Hand & Voetbediening" has only 209 products. But when you navigate to the category in the frontend it show the right amount of products (554)


The strangest thing is when I go to "Products > Categories" click on the category "Onderdelen" and just press "Save" (I'm not changing anything). Now if I go back to the frontend and look at the category "Onderdelen" it shows 7510 products instead of 500. It also shows all the child categories instead of just 3.


The numbers behind the child categories still aren't correct. But when I also just "Save" the child categories the numbers are correct.

The big problem is whenever I re-index I'm back to where I started. So only a few products show up in the layered navigation but all are visible if you navigate to the category they are actually in. And since my cronjobs are running every few minutes this is a huge problem for me.


The problem occurs on my local development machine and on the production server. I've tested with 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 both show the same behavior.

The product/category import were done using Store Manager for Magento.

The person posting this on the Magento forums seems to have some similar problems as I do.


Did anyone expect the same behavior or know how I can fix this?