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Emails not working

Emails not working

I am trying to set up the emails via SMTP in order to send automated emails to both our customer service team and the customer when they place an order. I have checked and all of the SMTP configuration options are correct. 


When I click test email, this is the error message I receive: 'An exception was raised while creating "Laminas\Mail\Protocol\Smtp\Auth\Login"; no instance returned'


Is there anyone who can help me with this?


Re: Emails not working

Hi @Harleyhumieb96 ,


Error occurs because of wrong smtp configuration.

Please verify.


Problem Solved? Accept as Solution!


Hope it helps!


Ankit Jasani

Re: Emails not working

The error message you mentioned, "'An exception was raised while creating 'Laminas\Mail\Protocol\Smtp\Auth\Login'; no instance returned'," Incredibox Armed suggests that there may be an issue with the email library or configuration you are using. Verify that all the SMTP configuration options, such as the SMTP server, port number, username, password, and encryption method (if applicable), are correctly set.

Re: Emails not working

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Re: Emails not working

Dealing with SMTP setup can be tricky sometimes. That error message seems to suggest there might be an issue with the authentication process. Double-check your SMTP credentials just to be sure they're spot on. Also, consider using an email verifier tool to confirm that your email configurations are all good to go.