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Error :we cant save the customer

Error :we cant save the customer



Re: Error :we cant save the customer

Hi @YousifAlJudi2020 


Go to core/mage/customer/controller/AccountController.php and find function named createPostAction(). In that function add


Just after catch (Exception $e) {. You can see what the problem is..

Don't forget to remove the additional line when problem will be fixed.


It may help you!
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Re: Error :we cant save the customer

OKY ..

I will try 

thnks brother


Re: Error :we cant save the customer

Hi @YousifAlJudi2020,


Please use the following command to turn on your dev mode: 

php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer


Save it and re-check to know what is the exact error. After that, send me the detailed error and let see if I can help you. 


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Re: Error :we cant save the customer

No fixed it stil problem