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Every Order State Suspected Fraud?

Every Order State Suspected Fraud?

Since we launched our new Magento website at the end of February this year, every single order comes through with an order state of 'Suspected Fraud'. Due to this being a small but irritating issue we have dealt with it up to now, however it's definitely something we'd like fixing.


After reaching out to the payment gateway company, they have redirected us back to magento being the root of the problem. 


Has anyone ever experienced this? Our current payment provider is Sage Pay (now opayo). Every single order comes through like this, whether it's done through the front end or back end of the website, every card type and even Paypal.




Re: Every Order State Suspected Fraud?



For Fraud protection :


  1. Are you using Signifyd for Fraud Protection? Is it configured correctly from Admin > Stores > Configuration > Sales > Fraud Protection ?
  2. I would suggest to review the suggested configuration setting if not already reviewed on DevDocs -
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