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General System Exception Happened

General System Exception Happened

I'm trying t upload a CSV of Products. 


When i try with any CSV - including the downloaded sample CSV on the Data Transfer, The only error I get is "General System Exception Happened" - no additional information.


I have a local install where the import of both the sample and my CSV upload fine, so it's clearly something with my install/setup.


I've looked at every single Magento and server log file I can find for any guidance, searched the internet, and nothing I have found works.


1) Is there a place that I can look to get a better handle on what is erroring? 

2) any additional thought as to what could be causing this?



Magento Enterprise 2.0.7

CentOS 7.2

PHP 5.6.21





Re: General System Exception Happened



Please check below some points in your configuration it may help for you:


1.  max_upload_size on php.ini file 

2. max_execution_time on php.ini file

3. Give permission of your upload file to 777

4. Clear the Magento cache (in backend cache management) 





Re: General System Exception Happened

I had this and after doing random 1 line imports, I found it was some characters in the descriptions. I had to open the csv in Notepad++ and go Encoding> Convert to UTF-8-BOM then save it as a copy. Went straight on then.