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Google Tag Manager (GTM) Trojan Issue

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Trojan Issue



I have been using GTM for a while. I'll use it for google analytics, google ads tracking, Facebook pixel, etc...


Recently I had a client notifying me that my website is not working due to a trojan found on the website. On my computer, it was working fine and then found out that certain antivirus programs were finding the trojan and stopping my website from loading. the ones that I know about are Kaspersky and Eset NOD32.


After some troubleshooting found out that the problem is caused by GTM, even when I removed all the tags and triggers, it still gave the trojan error. Only when I removed GTM from the website, I was able to load the website.


I have scanned the website with and when GTM was enabled I got this error:

This Credit Card Hijack check detects whether there is malicious javascript code injected into Magento shops that allows hackers to intercept credit card data. It also detects the malware signatures related with the MagentoCore and MageCart skimmer.



1. Is there anyone else who uses Google Tag Manager?

2. Does anyone have the same issue?

3. Any suggestions on a fix for this?


Re: Google Tag Manager (GTM) Trojan Issue

I have the same issue. It's only for Eset for me.


Any solution?

Re: Google Tag Manager (GTM) Trojan Issue

@Keren Good to know that I am not alone in this.


Unfortunately, till now I don't have a solution. I even talked to google but they denied the problem is on their side and let me hanging.


Can I ask what version of Magento do you have?

Re: Google Tag Manager (GTM) Trojan Issue

We have 2.2. However in the process of upgrading to 2.4.