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Help! Missing order in admin panel


Help! Missing order in admin panel

This is a strange problem that I just experienced, the customer made the transaction to completion, received an email notification, there was an order number, but the order was not recorded in the admin panel and database.

I check the email log in admin panel, there is no sending email to the customer. but I check the sending activity on sendgrid SMTP, there is an email sent to the customer complete with transaction data. order number in admin panel 000001122, 000001123, 000001133, 000001134, and order number in customer is 000001125.

where did my transaction data disappear?

where did the lost order number 000001124 - 000001132?


Re: Help! Missing order in admin panel

I hope you solve this. We are experiencing the same thing.

It seems to be related to one particular product in our case and the order numbers from are order numbers that were already used months ago. Very confusing.