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How to manually run async.operations.all

How to manually run async.operations.all

Hi, I currently installed magento 2.4 in a virtualbox and with rabbitmq-server installed and running as well. I am debugging some of our code's behaviour and trying to manually run async.operations.all group but when I checked in rabbitmq, it's just in IDLE mode.


I also ran this command in a separate terminal

bin/magento queue:consumers:start async.operations.all --single-thread

I even tried to run cron with consumers group manually

bin/magento cron:run --group=consumers

but the topic in my admin's bulk action log is still in progress.

Am I doing it right? Or did I missed a command to run?


Here is the settings of env.php 

'queue' => [
    'consumers_wait_for_messages' => 1,
    'amqp' => [
        'host' => '',
        'port' => 5672,
        'user' => 'guest',
        'password' => '<guest password here>',
        'virtualhost' => '/'


OS: Windows 10

VM OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Redis Installed: Yes

RabbitMQ Server Installed: Yes

Magento Version Installed: 2.4.2-p1


Re: How to manually run async.operations.all

To view a list of all consumers:

bin/magento queue:consumers:list

To start message queue consumers:

bin/magento queue:consumers:start [--max-messages=<value>] [--batch-size=<value>] [--single-thread] [--area-code=<value>] <consumer_name>

After consuming all available messages, the command terminates. You can run the command again manually or with a cron job. You can also run multiple instances of the Magento queue:consumers:start command to process large message queues. For example, you can append & to the command to run it in the background, return to a prompt, and continue running commands:

bin/magento queue:consumers:start <consumer_name> &
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