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Images Optimization (ISSUE)

Images Optimization (ISSUE)

Hi everyone, i was having problem with the "Optimize Images" point from the performance test from GTMetrix, i downloaded the optimized versions from there and replaced all the unoptimized images, but GTMetrix keep showing me the same without results, also other performances test recommended me the same point, what i should do? Thanks!


Performance Report for:





Re: Images Optimization (ISSUE)

Try using

the optimization algorithm is very good there and it's free.

You can also use software for optimizing multiple images at once (all images in a folder) - works well if you need to optimize hundreds of product images.


For some clients, we tested a few linux programs which can optimize all the images right on the server in a specified folder but the quality is not as good as the above software so it's worth a bit of extra time required to download, optimize and upload images back to the server. 

Hope this helps.


Anton Pachkine @ : Magento Small Business Package.

Re: Images Optimization (ISSUE)

Website speed analyzers are good for telling you where the issues are and basic tips on how to fix them. But I would recommend you to get an extension for image optimization.

Most commonly the reason for the website to load longer are images, especially if they are in old JPG  and  PNG formats. Now, everyone tries to use WebP instead. It is also a file format which is considerably smaller in size and correspondingly takes less time to load.

Magento 2 WebP Images extension can help you convert all images automatically -

Re: Images Optimization (ISSUE)


I have a magento community website for which I am having a image optimization issue. please advice how to resize, compress, format and properly optimize the photo to upload to the website. I have 1000 sku's for which I think this is not done properly which is slowing down my website most probably. How can I properly optimize images and upload to the website while keeping the website speed fast??


second thing is that the items I am selling is being sold by others also. should I just take photos from their websites, optimize it and upload to my website? or I should photograph each item and upload to website?


website name is