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Inconsistent Failing to Load JS Components in Checkout

Inconsistent Failing to Load JS Components in Checkout

Hello, first time poster long time Magento developer here. We recently upgraded from Magento 2.3.2 to 2.4.1 Enterprise. We are using Magento's default checkout (previously were using a checkout very specific to our theme, but decided to drop that due to compatibility issues) with some light customizations to fix some of the default Magento behaviors that we thought were particularly crazy.


After this upgrade, we're noticing that very inconsistently (maybe one in every twenty to thirty refreshes of checkout) that the page will just not fully load, and on the developer console we'll see errors such as the following:

Failed to load the "Magento_Checkout/js/view/summary/totals" component



I'll attach a console screenshot below, but there are quite a few different components not loading, probably all of the components that checkout requires.

M2 Console Error.png

Even when this does happen, a single refresh will correct it every time. As I mentioned, it's very inconsistent.


I've done my research, and there are issues like this that have been reported in previous versions of Magento, though none of them seem to mention the inconsistency problem that I'm having. Some common suggestions for a solution:


1. You need to re-deploy static assets, clear cache, file permissions, etc.

We use the Magento 2 deployer recipe for our deployments and have for some time with no issues. Part of this process is the re-deploying of static assets on each deployment, and this one was no exception. We've cleared cache many times, and file permissions are not an issue, I have double checked. Again this is all done using Deployer and not by hand.


2. Run in Production Mode

We are, we always have been.


3. Missing PHP modules

As far as I know if this was the case, we would get errors consistently, not as infrequently as we do.


Any other ideas that anyone may have would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Re: Inconsistent Failing to Load JS Components in Checkout

did you get any resolution to this?