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Import/Export Function issues in admin panel

Import/Export Function issues in admin panel

Hey guys,

I'm having some issues importing my product catalog back in to magento 2 after trying to bulk update some attributes - checking the data returns heaps of incorrect values for attributes.

I tried to see where I went wrong, I exported the product catalog then immediately went in and imported the exact file the Magento generated - and it still gives me errors even though I haven't modified what Magento has given me. See imgur link below

FYI I only have access to the admin control panel, our website hosts deal with all the commandline/other stuff, but all they have said to me regarding the import issue is that they just manually go in to the file and make the necessary changes to make the error go away, which in my opinion is a waste of their time as they charge out at a pretty expensive rate and doesn't address magento exporting a faulty file.

Any help is greatly appreciated Smiley Happy