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Incomplete CSV Import

Incomplete CSV Import


I have created custom attribute that displays Table for product Spect. when i upload using Magento import, content in that cell is partially imported. structure of the table and attributes are correct as i have previously entered them manually but I needed to update specific category and I am facing with this issue . I have tried number of suggestion that i found on the net but to no success. I have started to re enter all the effected items manually , but is almost 600 items. Any suggestion on how to fix this issue. ? 

Admin session lifetime is set to 86400 as only post regarding this issue suggested to increase that value . 



Re: Incomplete CSV Import

Hi @tonysar 


Can you paste some rows of CSV file with header information in reply?

Also keep your browser console opened next time when you are trying to import the file and check if it shows any error there.



Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum