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Installing an extension breaks the control panel

Installing an extension breaks the control panel



I'm trying to set up a store for a festival we're doing. I'm not very knowledgable about this, we're a non profit and I'm the best thing we've got for this, someone who is generally good at googling at figuring stuff out, but deffinitely not a web developer.

We're on shared hosting. We've built most of the website, then I installed Magento 2, I realised we need an extension for a payment option we need (Klarna, very popular here in Sweden), I found two different extensions that do the job on the Magento Marketplace. Then, after figuring out how to fullfill all the prerequisites, I managed to install one of them through the Component Manager. It says the installation is a success.

I try to go back to Magento's Control Panel to continue setting up the store, but it says:

Page not found

The requested URL could not be matched by routing.

No Exception available

I contacted our host's tech support, they same somethig is wrong with the installation, can't point to what, rollback to the latest backup. I try again with the other extension, same result.

Any ideas?