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Magento 2.4 api swagger datamodel problem

Magento 2.4 api swagger datamodel problem

I started a system integration project
between magento 2.4 and my ERP
I used the RestAPI Swagger specification to generate
API clients.
During the preliminary tests I came across a problem regarding
the specification of the datamodels :
"framework-attribute-interface": {
"type": "object",
"description": "Interface for custom attribute value.",
"properties": {
"attribute_code": {
"type": "string",
"description": "Attribute code"
"value": {
"type": "string",
"description": "Attribute value"

framework-attribute-interface.value is defined as a string
while using API V1/products/{sku}? in the result
a custom_attribute.value element is valued as a STRING ARRAY.

I found other datamodels where values could not be null instead they were.

Has anyone been in the same situation?
Is there a BugFix ?
How reliable are these APIs?