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Magento 2 Developer Documentation

Magento 2 Developer Documentation

Welcome to Magento 2! Before you get started, please be sure to check out our Magento 2 Developer Documentation. You might find the answer to your question there.


When asking a question, please be as specific as possible. The more details you share, the better someone can help guide you to a solution. 


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Re: Magento 2 Developer Documentation

Thanks Sherri!


Magento documentation welcomes feedback!


At the top of each topic you'll find an Edit this page on GitHub link. Use it to create a pull request with suggested changes, new topics, or to resolve issues you found with the documentation.


To ask a question or to make a suggestion, open an issue:

Re: Magento 2 Developer Documentation

Hi Sherrie,


I've posted this suggestion.  I would be interested in your thoughts.


Kind regards



Re: Magento 2 Developer Documentation

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please help 

Re: Magento 2 Developer Documentation

The multi site documentation is a little vague. I tired following it to setup an additional site that would run off of the same inventory but under a different domain name.


The examples given are all sub-domains. For newbs like me it needs to cover more examples and reasons for those uses. I.e. if you have a specific brand  store running alongside your main site but using the same inventory how would this be setup. 


I raise this as the only partially consistent information out there at the moment relates specifically to hosting providers and each one has a different approach to the same task.