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Magento 2 Place order is taking more time

Magento 2 Place order is taking more time

We have developing Site for our client with Magento  2.1.5 ,in which we are facing issue on place order! , Site takes too much time to Place order  approx : 2 to 3 min.


Server Information:

Apache Version : 2.2.15

Mysql                 :  5.6.36

PHP                   :7.0

Issue  reproducible in both developer and production mode, we have varnish cache installed and configured with magento.

For sending mail we are using : php sendmail  extension.

If we enable Magento ASYNCHRONOUS MAIL option then response time is little less .

Please reply with any possible reasons for this issue.

 Thanks in Advance.


Certified Magento Developer

Re: Magento 2 Place order is taking more time

It could be a problem with sendmail configuration that is causing the delay. I would recommend using a code profiling tool like blackfire to identify where time is being spent. On production you can use New Relic too which can be very useful. 


These kinds of delays are typically throgh misconfiguration or inaccessible third party services. 

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