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Magento Readiness Check Cron Scripts Error


Magento Readiness Check Cron Scripts Error



I'm trying to upgrade our website to a newer version of Magento 2 however I cannot get past the Readiness check as there is an issue with cron script check fail.


I moved the website from a subdomain to the main domain and the readiness check is now giving the following error:


Cron script readiness check failed. Hide detail


Error from Updater Application Cron Script:

Found non-writable path(s):


the "testpw2" is actually the subdomain which no longer exists however i do not know how to fix.


I would be grateful for any help and as I am quite new to Magento. The Version is 2.1.7 C.E.


Thanks In Advance,




Re: Magento Readiness Check Cron Scripts Error

First of all you need to check your existing crontab

This section discusses how to see if cron is currently running and to verify whether it's set up properly.


To verify whether or not your crontab is set up:


Log in to your Magento server as, or switch to, the Magento file system owner.

See if the following file exists:


1 - $ ls -al <magento_root>/var/.setup_cronjob_status

If the file exists, cron has run successfully in the past. If the file does not exist, either you haven't yet installed Magento or cron isn't running. In either case, continue with the next step.


Get more detail about cron.


As a user with root privileges, enter the following command:


2 - $ crontab -u <Magento file system owner name> -l

For example, on CentOS


3 - $ crontab -u magento_user -l

If no crontab has been set up for the user, the following message displays:


no crontab for magento_user

Your crontab tells you the following:


What PHP binary you're using (in some cases, you have more than one)

What Magento cron scripts you're running.