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Magento cron schedule / high CPU

Magento cron schedule / high CPU

Hi, We have Magento 2.4.3-p1 at cloudways and it's working fast but cron causes CPU spikes every time it runs. 


I have understood that Magento cron should run every minute, but does it make any harm to run it only every 5 minutes, for example?

Does this mean that lots of cron jobs will be missed? 


I also wondered if it is normal to have lots of duplicate rows at Cron_schedule table, like 15 rows for:

consumers_runner pending


Is this because cron is run every minute but settings for consumers_runner is:

Generate Schedules Every 15

Schedule Ahead for 20

Missed if not Run Within 15


So does this make a new line every minute and then it is run every 15 minutes?  


So what would best interval for Cron at the server and what admin settings would cause fewer CPU spikes? 


Re: Magento cron schedule / high CPU

Interested to know as well. I'm also using Cloudways but with Magento 2.4.2. Lot of CPU spikes. If you change cron to run every 15 minutes instead of every minute, some jobs will be missed and some indexes will be invalid. Causes the search box to return no results and some category pages to display no products. I had to revert to run every minute.


Did you find a solution?