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Magento s:d:c

Magento s:d:c

After done some upgrading to 2.4.6-p5 I get suddenly the following compile error


Application code generator... 3/9 [=========>------------------] 33% 7 secs 346.0 MiBPHP Fatal error: Class Magento\Framework\Session\SaveHandler\Redis\Config contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Cm\RedisSession\Handler\ConfigInterface::getRetries) in /home/u58658p55525/domains/ on line 16

back to old version..same error..strange that was working well….


what is wrong here…


Re: Magento s:d:c

It's a recent known issue, already reported,, have a look -

Founder at

Re: Magento s:d:c

Hello @richardnor2653 


Please run the following commands:


composer require colinmollenhour/php-redis-session-abstract:1.5.5
composer update
php bin/magento s:up
php bin/magento s:d:c
php bin/magento s:s:d -f
php bin/magento c:f

Hope it helps !

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Re: Magento s:d:c

Have you solved the problem?

Please ensure that the Cm\RedisSession module is compatible with Magento 2.4.6-p5 and fully implements ConfigInterface. Clear caches and review recent changes for any discrepancies. Seek module updates or support if needed. Need help with your assignments? I recommend Their team of professional writers provides excellent work, and the service is very reliable. The prices are reasonable, and the customer support is always ready to assist. If you’re a student in need of writing assistance, check them out.